U k r a i n i a n  
W o r l d   G o l f   C h a l l e n g e s

In 1989, the Ukrainian Golf Association of America (UGAA) was founded in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and was the beginning of golf outings around the USA in Myrtle Beach, Florida, Arizona, and others. Through ads in the Ukrainian Weekly newspaper, golfing Ukrainian counterparts from Australia, as headed by Ron Shymko, contacted UGAA President Roman Luzniak and suggested a little competition. A joint venture was organized with 33 participants and the first Australia vs. USA Challenge was held in October 1993 at Kapalua on Maui.

Since Australia won that first Challenge, and with it the trophy, an intricately carved wooden pineapple, (made in Ukraine), the honour to host the next Challenge also went to Australia. This time, held at Yarrawonga, Australia in January 1996, the Americans stood above the expanded field of 53 golfers and came away as victors capturing a 3000 year old prize from Tasmania.

The competition then returned to the USA for a third Challenge, on this occasion hosted at Ft. Lauderdale in October 1998. Competitors from Canada and Great Britain joined the Americans and Australians and the Ukrainian World Golf Challenge was born. In Florida the numbers grew further with 74 competitors and over 100 participants. The Australians came from behind on the last day to capture victory; the Brits offered to host the next competition.

In May 2001, the Ukrainian golfing community assembled in even greater numbers with over 150 participants, this time in Marbella, Spain for the 2nd World Golf Challenge and to take in the Mediterranean splendour. There were 94 golfers including a new fledgling team of 5 from Germany who combined with Great Britain thus establishing Team Europe. At this tournament, Canada led the way for the first 3 days but Australia took it away with great play on the final round. And again the Awards Banquet echoed with a resounding performance of "Waltzing Matilda" from the repeating World Champions. After the location was kept secret for 2 days, Roman "El Chico" Luzniak, as the next host, had the privilege of announcing the venue for the 10th Anniversary Challenge at the Awards Banquet. It would return to where it all started in Hawaii.

The Ukrainian World Golf Challenge is a non-partisan, non-political, non-religious Ukrainian event. The real winners are all the people spanning from 17 to beyond 77 years of age who attended the tournaments. Both players and non-players alike enjoyed the weeklong camaraderie of their fellow participants. The tournament provides a unique opportunity to come together with Ukrainians of many backgrounds, from many countries and to establish, as well as renew and reinforce long distance friendships.